How to run WSAS 3.1.0 on AMI

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Running WSO2 WSAS 3.1.0 AMI

WSO2 WSAS AMI ID : ami-b304e5da

Note: If you are new to Amazon instances, you may have a look at the "2. Getting Started with EC2" section given below

Running AMI Instance

Run following command to run the instance

ec2-run-instances ami-b304e5da -k

Output will be something like:

INSTANCE ami-b304e5da pending gsg-keypair

Instance-id will be something like i-10a64379

Getting the public DNS name of the Instance

Run following command to get the public DNS name of the instance


Output will be something like this:

RESERVATION r-fea54097 495219933132
INSTANCE i-10a64379
ami-b304e5da running gsg-keypair

Public DNS name of this instance is:

Access WSO2 WSAS Management Console

We can access carbon console using following URL


Login using username admin and password admin

2. Getting Started with EC2


Following link contains the prerequisites for Amazon EC2

Setting up an Amazon Account

Please see:

Setting up Amazon-API Tools

Please see:

Creating a GSG-Keypair

Please see:

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